GTX 12v 315ah

Designed with Bluetooth® Wireless Monitoring, Internal Heater Kit, Aluminum Alloy Enclosure 30% Smaller than 3 x 100Ah Group31 Batteries, with Extra 15Ah to Spare. Internal BMS version

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Why Choose Lithionics

Lithionics is considered the Rolls Royce of batteries and have been in business for 10+years with military contracts and other high profile customers like Disney. The batteries are assembled and tested at their facility right here in Clearwater, Florida. When we are tight for space we will always select Lithionics because they use the highest grade cells and pack the most energy density. We can fit more amp hours in less space. They also have high performance BMS that can handle high output and a Bluetooth app to monitor the condition of the battery.

Detailed Specs

Safety First

Lithionics Battery® makes use of an natural Lithium-ion Iron Phosphate chemistry in all of our lithium battery models. This naturally protected chemistry is paired with an inside shut down curtain science interior every lithium cell, stopping any flame or explosion from thermal runaway events. During use, the NeverDie® Battery Management System is continuously monitoring every lithium telephone each 2nd to make certain the most secure operation of your system. Lithionics Battery’s security technological know-how has been validated through 0.33 birthday party authorised amenities such as Underwriter Laboratory for UL list and MGA Research Corporation for UN DOT compliance. These corporations certify that our Lithium-ion Iron Phosphate battery structures with our NeverDie® Battery Management System technological know-how stays protected even beneath excessive check conditions.

Chemistry & Cell Safety

Lithionics Battery® makes use of and promotes natural Lithium-ion Iron Phosphate chemistry in our lithium battery systems. Lithium-ion Iron Phosphate exists in nature in each discharged and charged forms; subsequently each minerals are stable. The oxygen in the phosphate is constant to the phosphorus through robust covalent bonds. Other inorganic lithium chemistries, mainly nickelates, launch oxygen when heated to >230 Degrees C at some stage in thermal runaway events, ensuing in violent reactions. This is now not a challenge with Lithionics Battery’s products. In addition to a naturally secure chemistry, Lithionics Battery® goes one step in addition to consist of an inner shut down curtain technology, which separates the anode and cathode for the duration of thermal runaway events. This totally shuts down the thermal reaction

Pack Design & Cell Types

Rewrite 100 Lithionics Battery® makes use of massive structure prismatic cells for dependable and extra environment friendly battery connections. Our battery fashions are designed and engineered to use ideal massive layout prismatic lithium cells, putting off failure factors related with the use of smaller cylindrical lithium cells. Additionally, a proprietary miniBMS® micro-controller is hooked up on each voltage string connection for mobile monitoring and balancing.


Lithionics Battery® makes use of it’s very own proprietary device known as miniBMS® with telephone monitoring modules speaking with a manage unit. miniBMS® video display units phone voltage, temperature, and relays this statistics to the grasp NeverDie® battery administration system. The BMS is succesful of disconnecting the battery circuit based totally on the sign obtained from the miniBMS®

UL Standard for Safety Testing Criteria

UL 157: Gaskets and Seals
UL 508: Industrial Control Equipment
UL 991: Tests for Safety-Related Controls Employing Solid-State Devices
UL 1642: Lithium Batteries
UL 1998: Software in Programmable Components
UL-1973: 2018 Batteries for Use in Stationary, Vehicle Auxiliary Power and Light Electric Rail (LER) Applications

Safety Testing Criteria

As a forerunner in lithium-ion battery safety, Lithionics Battery® is the world’s first to attain full UL list for stationary and rationale functions at 12V, 24V, 48V, & 51V. This consists of failing safely underneath more than one utterly negative take a look at methods. In addition to third celebration UL testing, Lithionics Battery® has additionally surpassed UN DOT, 5, 7 checking out for transportation compliance. With Lithionics Battery’s Team, you can be assured in buying a lithium battery machine engineered and designed to the best possible security and satisfactory standards.