Why Choose Kilovault

Kilovault is newer to the market but is a division of the Alt E company who has a longstanding reputation for alternate energy here in the USA. Kilovault has an engineering team in Massachusetts that is continually improving the products. The latest release of the HLX+ is a prime example of that. Since they have a team here in North America, we are often in contact with them regarding system design and implementation. If an issue was to arise, they are quick to respond.

Product Features

  • Works in both hot and cold conditions
  • 100Ah cells offer double the capacity
  • State-of-charge push button display
  • ETL listed to UL Standard 1973
  • Optional HLX+ Bridge
  • Works in 12, 24 or 48V configurations
  • After 2000 discharge retain 80% capacity
  • Maintenance-Free
  • Lower cost per Watt-hour/cycle
  • Safer – No thermal runaway issues
  • 7.5 year warranty

3600 HLX+


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2400 HLX+


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1200 HLX+


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